Monday, January 24, 2011

Start-up Journal: Celebrating Philadelphia.

IN THE OLD DAYS, journalistic outlets championed for their cities and regions, helping the areas grow and prosper.

The New York Times reports that the founding owners of the Los Angeles Times "used their fledgling publication to push for the development that helped give rise to modern Los Angeles. Water was first piped into the San Fernando Valley because they arranged for it. Los Angeles Harbor was built in part because of their backing."

I don't see journalists championing for cities or regions much these days. Most, especially in Philadelphia, pander to their audiences by feeding them a steady stream of bland information about sports, spot news, weather and gossip.

JUMP will champion the city. We'll focus on the awesome people doing awesome stuff, here in Philadelphia.

As nearly all large-scale manufacturing operations have left the city, leaving our brains as the most important product we create, it's vital that we celebrate our creative community.

JUMP will do that. And hopefully we'll all benefit.

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