Tuesday, January 17, 2012

There's Only One Thing That Matters.

Today I learned that my dog has early signs of congestive heart failure, and that his health is quickly diminishing.

For anyone who knows me, you can only imagine how devastated I am. Mookie is my absolute best friend, my constant companion. The thought of losing him paralyzes me.

I always knew he had a shorter lifespan than me, and that someday I'd lose him. But he is only 9-years old. It's too soon.

If life is so fragile and unpredictable, why do some people get so angry? Why do people bother with trivial arguments, competing with people, jockeying for money and power? Why do people steal and lie and become greedy? Don't they realize that none of that matters?

All I want in life is more time with my best friend.

On proper medications, Mook may live several more years. But he could also pass away at any moment - with or without the meds.

For now, I will enjoy our time together as much as I can.

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