Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Jersey Sucks. But Music Makes Me Happy.

I WOKE UP AT 5 am today so I could drive to New Brunswick, NJ to present a lecture on entrepreneurial journalism at the Northern Short Course in Photojournalism.

That meant that I had to endure two of my least favorite things: 5 am and New Jersey. To survive the dreadful scenery of strip malls, jughandles and bland corporate parks, I blasted music with the window down and the heat cranked. These songs are some of the tunes that kept me sane in the annoying morning rush hour traffic.
(Ted Leo may be the only good thing to have ever come out of New Jersey).


  1. YESSSSSS. I took NJ Transit and to accompany the bland/decrepit industry (or lack of) along the way, I listened to the new Titus Andronicus record, "The Monitor." They're Jersey dudes, sort of followers of Ted Leo... definitely worth a listen.

  2. Aw Joe beat me to it! I was totally going to recommend Titus just seemed too appropriate! I second that though...definitely worth a listen.