Monday, April 12, 2010

Baseball is the Meaning of Life.

THERE WAS A TIME in my life when I wanted to win awards, write books and travel the world. I even had those objectives posted on a sign above my bed when I was in college.

Ten years ago, however, I renounced ambition. I gave up the dream of long-term goals and crap like that. To be honest, I'm not even sure it was ten years ago ... when I renounced ambition, I gave up on watches, calendars and anything else that showed the passage of time. I tried to enjoy the moment. That was my only goal: happiness.

It's too easy for people to forget that life isn't about making money, winning awards, getting promotions, driving fancy cars and becoming famous. Those things, for the most part, are about impressing other people. Who cares what they think?

Sometimes it feels odd not to be striving to steadily progress.

But sometimes I play baseball and nothing else matters in the world.


  1. My friend and I got on the subject of London Calling the other night and it only took about ten seconds before it devolved into: "Holy shit, 'CLAMPDOWN?'" "YEAH! AND 'WRONG EM BOYO?'" "OH AND DUDE. 'THE CARD CHEAT!'" Still awe-inducing. Same goes for baseball.